Wood Companies Founder Receives Hall of Fame Award

Sanborn Wood, founder of The Wood Companies, is affectionately known as Sandy, and often referred to as the godfather of Columbus’ Short North Arts District. Sandy had a remarkable vision for the area between downtown and Ohio State in the early 1980s. He believed it possible to transform it into a premiere district that would celebrate entrepreneurship and the arts. Sandy’s early investments in commercial and residential real estate along with his vision have created a vibrant corridor that is unmatched.

In the early 1980s, The Wood Companies partnered with young homeowners and merchants who wanted to create a better, safer, more vibrant neighborhood unlike any other neighborhood in the Midwest. Together, we demonstrated what passionate people can do when they work together.

Today we’re driven by our history and preserving the historic neighborhood that is the Short North Arts District as we renovate, restore and develop each and every one of our properties. We proudly accept the Hall of Fame Award presented to the Wood Companies by the City of Columbus!